About commemorART

CommemorART.com is an offer of sensationCLICK! UG (limited liability). We are a small team of creative people who implement ideas for web projects.


In doing so, we rely on our own ideas or help other companies with their ideas. We rely on cost-effective yet efficient implementation. In the beginning, it does not always have to be an expensive solution.


CommemorART is born by working with Stilvoll Gedenken. It quickly turned out that both parties complement each other well. The steles by Stilvoll Gedenken are a new, innovative variation of tomb signing.


So the idea came up that we take over the international online distribution for Stilvoll Gedenken.  Since there are many small factories that avoid international online trade for capacity reasons, we would like to open commemorART to other artists as well.  Therefore, we will work steadily on expanding our product range.


If you are a artist and are interested in distributing your products with us, please contact us.