The Arch by Stilvoll Gedenken

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Germany Designed in Germany | Produced in Germany

The hand-painted wooden steles together with the powder-coated steel models are a special possibility of modern and permanent grave marking.

Each wooden stele is hand-painted and therefore always a unique piece. For this reason, we offer each individual Stele as a model variation with the respective image of it.

Estimated Delivery Date 28. October 2022
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A harmony in purple-ruby-gold or blue – white – gold.

The Arch by Stilvoll Gedenken is a black-blue steel model with a hand-painted wooden stele. It is available in the colors blue – white – gold or violet – ruby – gold. The stele is an individual, artistic way of tomb marking. Use it like a tombstone or a wooden cross.

The steel model is powder coated in black-blue. The wooden stele is from the wood of the silver fir. The wood comes from the Black Forest, one of the largest forest areas in Germany. The wood is absolutely knot-free, with a straight grain and standing annual rings. (silver fir ->

The wood steles are available in the color combinations blue – white – gold or purple – ruby – gold. The artist uses high-quality acrylic paints to paint the wooden steles. The painted wooden steles are weatherproof, lightfast and non-yellowing.

Every Wooden Stele is unique.

The artist uses the color combinations blue – white – gold or violet – ruby – gold for the wood steles. Likewise, the artist applies the same design technique. Each stele is unique as well as it is hand-painted. We ask you to consider this before you buy. Every wooden Stele is different till others.

Each of the models offered here in the shop is only available once. The respective model is shown after the model selection.

For labeling, the powder-coated surfaces of the steel model are available. The lettering is plotted. That you can do yourself in any good copy shop. The Arch of Stilvoll Gedenken is a special type of tomb marking and memorial.

For the correct installation.

For a firm footing, the steles must be anchored to about 23 cm in the ground. Therefore, galvanized steel brackets are available. Use it in addition to the ground spikes attached to the model, depending on the soil conditions and location.

Before you order, please read the further information in the information section.

With support.

You like this stele, but you do not want to take care of the procurement and installation yourself? No Problem. The Undertaker of your confidence can contact our business customer service. Then we can handle everything directly with them.


Whether you want to set up this Stele in a cemetery or build a memorial on your property, this Stele makes this memorial something very special.

Additional information

Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions 118 × 41 × 17 cm

Steel Model:
Product total: approx. 93 cm
Product above the ground: approx. 70 cm

Wooden Stele:
Product total: approx. 95 + 98 cm
Product above the ground: approx. 72 – 75 cm


Steel Model: approx. 26 cm
Wooden Stele: approx. 7.8 cm


steel thickness: approx. 4 mm
Wooden Stele: approx. 1 cm


approx. 7,5 kg

Colour Steel Model

black – blue


Wooden Stele: silver fir + high-quality acrylic paints
Frame: powder-coated steel


You can design the lettering individually and print it using a plotter (copy shop).


Every wooden Stele is hand painted from Dagmar Biertuempel herself. Because of this, the pattern of every individual Stele can be a bit different as on the image. The colors and the technique of creating these pieces of art are the same.

Permission procedure. Please note that most cemeteries have a cemetery statute. They can be different everywhere.
Please inquire there, before you buy a Stele online if your desired Stele is approvable. We don’t refund because of missing permission.

For optimal hold, the Stele must be anchored approx. 23 cm in the ground.

Further, we recommend the installation by a specialist. For self-installation, protective clothing (safety shoes and safety gloves) is to be worn.

Carton contents

1 x hand-painted wooden steles, 1 x powder-coated steel models, 2 x galvanized steel holder + 2 x thumbscrews